My name is Ahmadu Garba. Think of me as the crypt keeper of this website…

We all play the role of minstrels performing for strangers we don’t like, yet we sell our souls to impress them anyway. But when all the judgemental eyes are gone, when all the make-up is washed off our faces, when we’re alone in that dark room…we still have to live with ourselves and the insecurities that haunt us as we grovel through this life.

I want to pull the Persian rug back to reveal the dirt and grime hidden underneath, the imperfections that we want to remain concealed.

The goal is to share stories of people who are grappling with the realities of their broken lives. This is a platform for them to express themselves anonymously. To strip down to their proverbial nakedness. To reveal the scourged back, the tortured emotions booked-marked by scars on a wrist, the prosthetic leg that’s a reflection of a false sacrifice.

This is their opportunity to share their beliefs, joy, laughter, fears and hurts; to release the ghosts of their past lurking within the darkest crevices of their poisoned humanity. This is the alter where they lay down their burden because frankly, their yoke is too heavy to bear.

Each person featured wrote a journal entry every day for one month. I’ll pick thirteen to fifteen of the most poignant entries from each person to present as a series which will be posted each week with nothing edited, not even typos or bad grammar. These are their unadulterated thoughts, giving us a glimpse of what’s beneath. Before each featured person’s series, I’ll write a quick intro about them presenting their current situation for contextual purposes.

I hope you come away with something from these entries. Some of what you read may at times be depressing, other times it might make you laugh but often it will force you to contemplate ideas. I’m not curing cancer. I’m not offering advice. I’m not a guru. I just thought maybe by reading these stories you’d see a reflection of yourself. What you do from that point is up to you.


~ by Ahmadu Garba on July 6, 2015.

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